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Battlestar Galactica Pre-Flight Briefing/News and Updates

Battlestar Galactica: TNS News And Updates
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Welcome to the Battlestar Galactica The New Series Pre-Flight Briefing.

Hopefully it'll be your hub to finding out the latest and greatest around the BSG fandom in regards to show and actor news as well any other kinds of interesting updates.

The goal and intent of this site is not to say that we found it first because for the most part, we probably didn't. No, what we want to do here is bring everything together into one cohesive source- one centralized location where you can find anything to do with BSG quickly and efficiently.

In my job we have a saying- it is simply that whenever you are looking for something, chances are someone else has also looked for it and someone else has found it. Well hopefully in both cases we can be that "someone".

This website is a news and updates only site so unfortunately though I adore fics and pics myself, there are some much better ones out there for just those intents. I have a brief list of communities listed on the page- if you'd like to be added, let me know.

Additionally, this is a spoiler protected community. While we do love to see them and do encourage the sharing of them, we understand that our entire readership may not share this need to know the future. As such, we ask that any and all spoilers(no matter how small they may seem) be covered up with an LJ Cut.

So please take a look around and enjoy some discussion on the threads and items there. I hope you'll find what you're looking for or something that will intrigue you and assist you in some way.

Additionally if you have any pertinent news to report, please go ahead and kick me an email or feel free to IM me.

Which brings me to the final point, I invite you all to post your information and links but please, please, do a direct link to the article, video, website, whatever so that people dropping by here have to do the absoloute minimal amount of work in order to the information you're offering to the community. And thank you in advance for your gracious offering.

This is a non-moderated list however I will review any additions to ensure that they are information that should be shared and not spam. I'd just assume not touch anything at all myself.

Anyhow thank you and please enjoy.